Grizzlies’ “horribilis” evening as ben’s boys bounce bears!

Grizzlies’ “horribilis” evening as ben’s boys bounce bears!

February 7, 2023

An almost unprecedented first quarter saw Trojans 2 leading high-flying JM Grizzlies 15-0 as the second-placed team in the Warwickshire Basketball League Division Two visited Hereward College.

And it could have been worse for the ailing Bears, who, during that opening ten minute spell, lived up to their scientific name – URSUS ARCTOS HORRIBILIS – and had Trojans’ Kenny Godwin been on form from the free-throw line as the Coventry side ran the Bears ragged, further points would have been on the total at the first buzzer.

In fact Grizzlies could not buy a basket as an unusual number of their shots failed to penetrate the home side’s hoop, that is, until, to a great shout from the spectators, they finally made it with a Scott Alford free-shot to get the right-hand side of the scoreboard moving. Then they showed what they could do, as they thwarted the Trojans’ offense and brought the score to a more respectable 25-15, before an 11-2 salvo took the half-time totals to 36-17 in favour of the Reds.

Always second best on the night from the first tip, the Warwick side, without a couple of their starters, struggled to contain the enthusiastic Trojans who kept up the pressure into the third quarter and beyond to finish with five players in double-figures, led by Godwin who was in fine form throughout.

The home side were reminded of the “no-press” rule when they went 25 up, but even from within their own half, they managed to command the game, despite stern resistance form the gallant Grizzlies, and with Austin Dickson flying, they went on another run in the dying minutes, this time a 14-2, with the hard-fought, but sporting fixture ending on a trio of triples, 2-1 in favour of Grizzlies as Trojans won it 80-46.

Scorers: Trojans – Zexian 4, Singh 10, Ubavicius 12, Godwin 20, Eales 2, Baliunas 6, Linnett 14, Dickson 12.

Grizzlies – Z Alford 2, S Alford 10, Gill 13, Aldred 6, Williams 0, Adaway 4, Valente 7, Satchwell 4.