Veterans feel tornadoes’ blast

Veterans feel tornadoes’ blast

October 15, 2021

Coventry Tornadoes 1 came from behind to take full points from an experienced Tile Hill Trojans 3 side, the visitors to Hereward College winning 52-46.

The early exchanges went the way of the hosts as Trojans went 11-3 up with Trevor Robinson making 100% from the line, but Tornadoes – without Suniel Din and Michael Stokes responded well and moved ahead just before half-time.

From 26-23 they made it a seven-point margin before veteran Clive Bent departed through injury and although Robinson kept his men in it the fell from 36-32 adrift to 41-32 in the final quarter.

The closing minutes saw both sides fighting for supremacy but it was Tornadoes who had the last laugh to edge home by six. H Janda led the visitors’ scoring on 18 with Robinson (pictured) making 12 and David Sanchez 11 for Trojans.